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Want Your Dream Life?

How It Works?

Not being tied to a particular location or desk from nine to five can be very empowering. An online business eliminates the huge costs, with no inventory or shipping to worry about. The beautiful thing about an online business is the ability to run it 24/7 without boundaries.  Does your job offer that?

Be Your
Own Boss

No more being told where to be, when to be there, how fast to work and when you can take a break.

Set Your
Own Hours

When your work doesn't require a specific location and specific hours, you can work anywhere & anytime.

Escape Your
9-5 Job

Most jobs pay their employees just enough to stay but not what they're worth. We have NO cap on income.

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Unlimited Residual Income

You have probably heard the expression that “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.” It’s often used to explain the unfairness when it comes to money.  The reason it happens is because the rich focus on a completely different way of earning money.

Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This includes businesses where you don’t actually have to be present to earn it.  

Salien Lilies

"One day I looked up and I was 15 grand in credit card debt.  I couldn't even pay to put new tires on my car.  I'm blonde but I ain't stupid.  I needed a change and I found it here."

Salien Liles

The Lifestyle You Deserve

Have you ever thought there’s no point launching a business or pursuing a new passion because it will take four years before you’ve made it, or you’ll be such-and-such age by the time you finish?

These five words may change your perspective: The time will pass anyway.

Four years are going to pass and either you’ll have a rewarding business and life that you love by then — or you won’t.

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Hey friend, my name is Zeth and I'm from Albany Oregon.  I have two young boys and a Latina wife (in the picture).  I was looking for a way to supplement our income that wouldn't take me away from the family.  Time is already short and I wasn't about ready to drive an Uber.  

I started with this awesome group because I saw the community, seriously driven people and I wanted to be part of that. The extra money from working part-time has changed my own beliefs in myself.  

Zeth Owen - Click to hear my story

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Zeth Owen



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